Rezoned and Repurposed: old barn converted into a modern house



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I first saw this barn conversion on It is actually several old farm buildings in Buckinghamshire in the UK that have been rehabilitated into a large family home.

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The architectural firm that tackled this project was Simon Conder Associates of London, England. According to their website, there are three stone barn buildings that create a triangular courtyard.

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I love the combination of old rustic brick and a modern interior…

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Let’s have a look inside:

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Soaring, lofty ceilings with exposed rafters. It still resembles a barn, but much cleaner.

One of the main objectives was to preserve the open interiors of the original barns with a minimum number of new internal subdivisions.

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It is a little stark but would love to see this space with furniture in it!

It is kind of hard to tell, but this area (below) is the kitchen:

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You can also see a balcony with glass railing overlooking the kitchen and great room (above).

For more details on these re-imagined farm buildings see here and here.

Apparently one of the other smaller barns is the “children’s area” – complete with a living room, play room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Unfortunately, they don’t have any pictures displayed of the kid’s space.

Which is a bummer because that is something I am looking for in my next house…

a barn to throw the kids in! 🙂

(Doesn’t every parent want that?)


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