Rezoned and Repurposed: 1912 boathouse now a beautiful home



This restored Elizabethan-style stone cottage was built in 1912 as a boat house on a large family estate.

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Located near Barryville, New York, this lakeside building survived being parceled off during the Great Depression and has since been restored and converted into an elegant home.

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Currently listed for $525,000, this old boathouse is now a 3 bedroom residence.

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It is located on a quiet lagoon which opens to a 100 acre lake. I can envision myself pushing off from the side door in a canoe and gliding under the covered foot bridge. *sigh*

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Or sitting blissfully on the stone retaining wall, reciting 19th century poetry. [I’m cracking myself up]

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Now, I get that the original owners were probably very wealthy… but… I’m having trouble with how fancy this boathouse was. Is it just me?

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Perhaps it was built at the time as a boathouse/guesthouse?

The main section of the house has retained its integrity and remains untouched complete with original stone fireplace, clay tiled floors, leaded-glass windows,and beautifully crafted walnut domed ceiling and trim.

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I wonder what the main house looked like? No mention of it in the listing.

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Some rooms have brilliant light from ample windows.

Others, like the library below, have that darker, Elizabethan era feel.

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The boathouse is located on an unidentified 100 acre lake…

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I’m guessing it is in the famed Catskills area of New York state.

For more information about this historic boathouse-turned-residence, see here and here.


Hope y’all had a super-duper first week of September!

For many of us that means the dreaded back-to-school feeling… and bye-bye to lazy summer sleep-in days.

Last weekend we took one more jaunt into the mountains where we toured not one, but TWO Colorado ghost towns – I will feature both towns in two separate posts. The first one goes live bright and early tomorrow morning so don’t miss it!

(My crappy little camera actually did a decent job of capturing the amazing sights I saw with my eyeballs!)

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