Rezoned and Repurposed: 1903 Caboose



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Looking for a getaway or summer home? How about an old caboose?

This 1903 caboose no longer rides the rails around the country; it is now parked on a lakeside lot near Park Rapids, Minnesota.

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The owners of this little red caboose have fully renovated it into a tiny home with numerous bunk-beds, a full bathroom, and kitchen/dining area.

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This wonderful relic is currently on the market for the reasonable price of $159,000.

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It may be a little lacking in head-room, but it sure is cozy!

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Though not pictured, this property also includes “several other railroad equipment memorabilia pieces”.

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This caboose is located right on a beautiful northern lake…

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It also comes with a large 2-car garage…

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…with a finished attic…

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…and heck, why not throw in a pontoon boat as well?

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(Yes, it’s included with the sale of the property!)

For more information about this unique caboose home/getaway, see the complete listing here.

I’m on board!

How about you?


It’s been another one of those weeks!

We have had some action on our house lately but I’m going to remain tight-lipped for now because everything is still up in the air.

Suffice it to say that I am starting to feel like a professional house-flipper (minus the part where you turn a profit!)





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