Rezoned and repurposed: 1900 converted church in Texas



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This 3800 square foot home in Heath, Texas was originally built as a church in or around the year 1900.

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Notice the old rusty nail?

This Award winning home has been beautifully converted from one of the first churches built in Rockwall County TX.” (from:

Currently priced at $325,000, this 3800 square feet house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathroom.

Have a look at the interior:

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This room (above) is now the dining room. The angle of the photo looks up onto the original choir loft.

Below is the family room with a gorgeous fireplace:

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Looking down from the choir loft into the dining room (with 17 foot tall ceilings)…

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A beautiful new kitchen…

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The bedrooms…

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The house features TWO master bedrooms AND a guest room!

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I love how each of the bedrooms has its own unique decor:

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What a charming home! It also comes with a 2-car garage, back patio with a 6-person spa, and a trellised barbecue area. Nice!

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For more information on this church-to-house conversion, see here.

I’ve read that when church buildings are sold to private buyers, they need to be officially “desanctified” or decommissioned as holy, religious spaces. But how can you really erase the history and the mystique of these buildings?

I think living in a former church would be just divine!


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