Rezoned and repurposed: 1866 school building now a cozy home



I’m crazy about schoolhouse-to-home renovations… and this one is no exception.

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A completely charming residence, this 1866 schoolhouse in Historic Unionville, New Jersey is currently for sale.

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Listed at $320,000, this house has been renovated and expanded while keeping much of the original character.

The original schoolroom with high ceilings has been converted into this home’s dramatic living-room and two first floor bedrooms. Later additions include light-filled family room with hardwood floor and oak moldings. Formal dining room.

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Did you notice the sign above the doorway: “It’s all good!”

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I love that this place is so cozy and unpretentious.

Here’s the galley-style kitchen…

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I don’t want to be too critical (because I love this place), but I’m thinking that if you had a sizeable rear-end, this kitchen might be a little tight.

Upstairs, the master bedroom with sloped ceilings is completely adorable:

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There is also an office upstairs:

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And a good-sized bedroom on the lower floor with high ceilings:

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For more details on this lovely home see the complete listing here.


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And even more to come – stay tuned!


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