Rezoned and repurposed: 1730’s Quaker Mill House



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This unique historic property is currently for sale in Pennsylvania. It now serves as a single family home but started out life in the 1730’s as a stone grist mill.

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Currently listed at $375,000, this repurposed mill would have originally used water power from a nearby stream to process things like wool and flour. Historically, this structure is known as: the “House of Two-Mill Dam“. Those Quaker folks were so poetic!

Though the building has been thoroughly renovated and modernized, it is classified as a “Pre-Revolutionary Brownstone“.

During the renovations, an original keystone over the hearth was uncovered. It was carved with the date “1731“…

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Amazing! Imagine the surprise of the workers unearthing that. What a connection they must have felt to the hands of the past who had built that hearth!

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Most of the interior is modernized to the point of eliminating all vintage character. But I guess with a building so old, there would not be much left remaining except the stone and mortar work.

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Basically, a new house built in an historic 300-year old shell.

Beautiful new kitchen though…

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And they did take advantage of the tall ceilings in the master bedroom:

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Outside, you have a nice shaded porch on which to lounge:

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And some very pastoral property to gaze upon…

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At 2,880 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, this old brownstone beauty will make a fine family home. Or maybe even a B&B?

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For more information, you can view all the details at this house’s very own blog:

(You know it’s a special house when it has its OWN blog!)

You can also see the listing here.

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