Rezoned and Repurposed: 1700’s tavern now a home



The Tavern in Urbanna, Virginia is a historic landmark that was built circa 1742 as a tavern and country inn.

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For several generations The Tavern has been used a a private residence.

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From the outside it looks like a typical Dutch Colonial home – but yes, there is documentation that indicates this house was once a raucous tavern in the Revolutionary era.

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It is currently listed for sale at $ 495,000.

The listing states that:

Patrick Henry [of  “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” fame] reportedly gave a fiery speech to locals and stayed as an overnight guest! As a licensed tavern in the 1700s, the owner was obliged to “not permit any unlawful Gaming…nor on the Sabbath Day suffer any person to tipple or drink any more than is necessary.”

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This is the actual tavern room:

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Hard to imagine all the “tippling” that occurred in this room over the years. (tippling?)

The listing says that the structure has been upgraded but it retains some of its original windows, doors, and trimwork.

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The 2,846 square foot home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

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The bedrooms are wonderfully decked-out in period appropriate furnishings…

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The property is zoned “GB” – which I think means General Business – and as such, could be returned to its original use as a country inn, tavern, or B&B.

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I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed by the kitchen – I had hoped for some 18th century looking room with old cooking hearth and witches brew pot, etc.

But the rest of the antique elements in the house make up for it – especially the creepy girl/doll portrait above the living room fireplace!

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The home’s beautiful gardens on 0.73 acre lot have been featured on the Virginia Garden Week.

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The Tavern feels like a country house but it is actually located right in the center of town.

For more information on this former 1700’s tavern-turned residence, see here and here.


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