Queen Elizabeth: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




Since the United States does not have a royal family, we borrow England’s if we need our fix of kings and queens. At the head of the royal family is Queen Elizabeth who has been on the throne for 64 years. In her years as Queen Elizabeth has accomplished so much, but there is still quite a few interesting facts to learn about England’s longest ruler so here they are.

Number Fifteen: She Does Not Always Need An Interpreter

As a world leader, Queen Elizabeth does an extremely large amount of traveling. For the places she goes where she cannot communicate through English an interpreter is readily available, but there are locations such as France where one is not needed. The Queen is a fluent French speaker and often shows off her language skills during meetings or state addresses.

Number Fourteen: She Has Given Out Quite A Few Awards

In England, there is not a higher honor than being knighted. Since only a select few receive this honor, many will settle for any acknowledgment and if given out by the Queen it is even better. During her time on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has given out 404,500 honors and awards and 610 investitures, the ceremony in which an honor is bestowed on someone for their good services.

Number Thirteen: She Has Held The Throne Longest

Prior to celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother held the record for ruling England the longest. To put it into perspective, there have been 12 U.S. president’s since she was crowned in 1952.

Number Twelve: She Takes The Time To Meet Her Subjects

Queen Elizabeth is one of those rulers who is not put off by those from different social classes. The biggest example of this is she and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, introduced small lunch parties at Buckingham Palace where people of all professions were invited beginning in 1956. Six to eight guests are invited with two members of the royal household attending.

Number Eleven: She’s Up With Technology

Unlike some her age, the Queen keeps up with today’s trends of social media. She started her own Facebook page in 2010 titled “The British Monarchy.” She is also on Twitter although she does not maintain the page herself.

Number Ten: She Has Been Given Some Interesting Gifts

Meeting the Queen is nerve wracking enough, but trying to pick out a gift for her is probably even worse. This may be why she has been given some extremely odd gifts. Some she could not keep at the palace and had to be put inĀ  the London Zoo, like the jaguars and sloths from Brazil and two black beavers from Canada.

Number Nine: Being Queen Elizabeth Has Its Perks

Carrying a license and other papers can be so annoying, especially if you are traveling. But since she is Queen, Queen Elizabeth never has to worry about this since she is the only person in England who can drive without a license or a plate on her car. Stay tuned for our second piece on Queen Elizabeth coming soon!

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