Procrastinators: Top 5 Things They Are Surprisingly Good At



Some of us were born procrastinators. We love the thrill of scurrying around the place, anxiously looking at our watches, and getting things done in the nick of time. It’s more exciting than screaming on a roller coaster, it’s more exciting than making love to your partner, it’s more exciting than scoring the winning touchdown. Okay, clearly that’s an exaggeration, but it feels good to get things done at the very last second. Some people may hate on procrastinators, but in reality, they’re more efficient than most people. Here are five things procrastinators are surprisingly good at.

Number Five: Preparing for Final Exams

Final exams are coming! While everybody is freaking out, we’re glued to Netflix, watching (and re-watching) every season of The Office. And every time we try to begin studying, something else comes up. And before you know it, the exam is tomorrow.

Not to worry! We’re great at handling pressure. The night before the finals, we drink a cup of coffee, study until two in the morning, get up at 5:00 a.m. and hit the books until exam time. And after we’ve aced the exam, we head back to our room and crash and burn for hours… unless, of course, we have an exam the next day.

Number Four: Planning a Trip

Our friends are always making great plans months in advance: to go see a fancy museum, to go skiing in the mountains or to chill on a cruise, among other things. That’s fantastic, and we need people like that; however, we procrastinators like to get up on the weekend, call a few people and make plans to head out of town. And although it’s last minute, we rush them to get ready in an hour. Sometimes we know where we are going; sometimes we don’t have a clue. But you can be assured that we’re going to have a great time because we’re spontaneous. So let’s get the beer, make a playlist and get the hell out of here – now.

Number Three: Getting to Work on Time

We’ll wake up at 7:30 a.m. to eat (if there’s time), bathe, brush our teeth and rush out of the house. We understand how important every minute of sleep is to our productivity. And you know what’s really impressive? We may be procrastinators, but we always reach work on time, because we’re punctual (when we have to be).

Number Two: Procrastinators are Paying Bills on Time

Nobody likes to pay bills – that’s one of the few experiences we all share as humans. Some companies prey on our innocence and put in place all kinds of fees for late payments. But let me tell you something: when we procrastinators get a bill online, we ignore it and continue with our lives. And then, randomly, in the middle of a busy night, we remember that the deadline is today. In fact, we have 15 minutes to pay. So, we run to our computers, log into our accounts and as we’re about to pay it, the internet connection drops. As we begin to get flustered, repeatedly try to refresh the page and yell “F***!!!”, the internet is magically restored, and the transaction goes through in the nick of time.

Number One: Packing

When it comes to packing, people can be so inefficient. They’ll spend days putting things they don’t need into their suitcases. And then, abracadabra, they forget something important. We procrastinators, on the other hand, will wait until the night before our departure. And, as you can imagine, we always end up running around the place, literally throwing clothes into the suitcase and desperately trying to find a phone charger. But we get everything done in less than an hour, and we rarely, if ever, forget anything important. Score.

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