Pretty Little Liars: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Pretty Little Liars has been scaring the crap out of fans since 2010, and even in its sixth season fans are still glued to their seats. And with all of the confusing plot twists on the show, there are many things you may not already know, so here are some interesting facts!

Number Fifteen: A’s Identity Really Wasn’t a Secret on Set

Essentially everyone on set knew who A was except for Lucy Hale (Aria). They didn’t tell her because they knew she’s not very good at keeping secrets.

Number Fourteen: The Theme Song Changes

The theme song has had a holiday theme for the 13th episode of every season except the first one. The second, third and fourth season episodes were Halloween themed and the fifth was a Christmas theme.

Number Thirteen: It’s Hot on Twitter

With all of the changing details on the show, fans vented their frustration on Twitter making it the most tweeted-about show for two years. Eventually, The Walking Dead surpassed it.

Number Twelve: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Is a Record Breaker

The show was recently renewed for seasons six and seven meaning it will reach 160 episodes after the end of the seventh season. This will put Pretty Little Liars at the top of the list of longest running shows on ABC Family, now Freeform.

Number Eleven: Rosewood Looks an Awful Lot Like Stars Hollow

If you look closely at the town of Rosewood, you may think you’re seeing double if you are a Gilmore Girls fan. That is because many of the scenes filmed for the show are done on the same lot that Gilmore Girls used. Aerial shots of Rosewood have also been used in The Witches of East End and The Carrie Diaries.

Number Ten: There Are Hidden Hitchcock References

Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock made quite a few thriller and mystery movies during his career. References to a few of these movies pop up every once and awhile during the show. For example, Rosewood’s coffee shop is called Rear Window Brews and the season one finale honored Hitchcock’s movie Vertigo.

Number Nine: Fans Ship the Show’s Couples Hard

Most fans have a favorite couple on the show and to show their affection, each one has their own nickname. They are Spoby (Spencer & Toby) ,Wrencer (Wren & Spencer), Ezria (Ezra & Aria), Jaria (Jake & Aria) and Haleb (Hanna & Caleb). For Emily there are many interesting names such as Emaya (Emily & Maya), Emison (Emily & Alison), and Paily (Paige & Emily). We have a few more tidbits to share with you, so stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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