Pregnancy: 15 Fascinating Facts (Part 1)



Jason Levesque
Jason Levesque

Pregnancy is one of the most normal, yet fascinating, aspects of human existence. Though there are many things everyone already knows about it, it turns out there are some facts that are lesser known. Here is part one of our list. Return later for the second part of the article.

Number Fifteen: Your Baby Pees Inside of You

Yes, you read that right. This starts happening at about four months. The baby can actually pee inside of the womb, up to an entire liter a day. That sounds a little disturbing, but it isn’t as weird as the fact that they also drink it.

Number Fourteen: From Peach to Watermelon

The uterus starts out about the same size as a peach and stretches to the size of a full grown watermelon. That is about 500 times its ordinary size.

Number Thirteen: Extra Estrogen Production

During the average woman’s¬†pregnancy, the placenta will produce as much estrogen as a non-pregnant woman will produce over the course of three years. This happens towards the end of the process.

Number Twelve: Activities Inside of the Womb

You never know what you will see your little one doing when viewing an ultrasound. There have been documented cases of babies sucking their thumbs, holding hands, masturbating, or even waving hello.

Number Eleven: One Woman Was Pregnant For Over a Year

The longest time someone ever spent pregnant was recorded at 375 days. That is longer than a year. I bet she was relieved to finally get that over with.

Number Ten: Your Heart Gets Larger During Pregnancy

This is because it needs to work harder for supporting the growing infant. Pregnant women also have increased blood volume and experience bloody noses and gums frequently because of this.

Number Nine: Your Bones Get Weaker

Pregnant ladies are more likely to suffer broken bones. This is because, during the process, a hormone called relaxin gets released, which makes your bones soften up and allows the baby to pass out of the hips and pelvis easier. We hope you enjoyed this informative article, and keep an eye out for part two, coming soon.

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