Praying Mantis Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our series on the praying mantis. Since there is so much more to learn about this amazing animal, here are few more factoids.

Number Eight: They Have Poor Hearing

A praying mantises eyes may be fantastic but their hearing is less than mediocre. With just one ear, which is on the underside of its belly, that is not too surprising. It can’t determine the direction of sound either.

Number Seven: They Like To Blend In

Like so many other insects, camouflage is a defense mechanism for the praying mantis. They can change color to match their environment, keeping them out of harms way.

Number Six: Their Palate Is Interesting

You would think that the praying mantis is a plant eater, but it isn’t. It actually prefers to eat beetles, spiders, grasshoppers, crickets and small vertebrates like tree frogs, lizards, and mice.

Number Five: Praying Mantis Skin Is Quite Unique

As a praying mantis goes through its three stages of life, it must molt its skin every so often. This is because its skin does not actually grow with it, so it must be changed. This happens periodically but especially between the nymph (teenager) and adult stages.

Number Four: They Have Human-Like Vision

A mantises neck may be unique, but their eyes are too. Out of all insects, they are the only ones who have 3D vision like humans.

Number Three: Their Life Spans Are Extremely Short

Some insects luck out and get to lead long lives, but not the praying mantis. Most females will die soon after laying their eggs and males will die after they are a year old. The most common months to see them are September and October.

Number Two: They Have A Role In Folklore

There are often stories about an animals origin in folklore stories. For the mantis, he was a  Bushman who would dream up solutions to his problems in his sleep.

Number One: Its Name Can Be Spelled Two Different Ways

There is the praying mantis and then there is the preying mantis. Both are the same animal, but the name has a different meaning. Preying Mantis is the essence of the character of the insect and correctly describes its predatory nature. Thank you for reading about the praying mantis!

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