Pneumonia: 15 Things You Should Know (Part 2)



Pneumonia is quite the serious illness, at least, it can be. As such, it’s prudent for everyone to know about the disease as much as they can. Here are more facts about pneumonia that everyone should know.

Number Eight: Speech-Language Pathologists Are Innaccurate

Speech-language pathologists who evaluate clients with the disease fail to identify nearly half of patients who have the illness. This is due to something known as silent symptoms.

Number Seven: Aspirated Substances of Pneumonia

Pneumonia clients have to deal with aspirated substances sometimes, which can include liquid secretions, acidic re-fluxed things from the stomach, and more. It must suck to deal with it.

Number Six: Tube Feeding Isn’t a Good Idea

For those who are getting aid for their pneumonia in a hospital, it is best to eat orally. Those who are being fed through a tube are at a higher risk of becoming worse. In other words, tube feeding is counter-productive.

Number Five: Intoxication May Also Hinder Progress

People who may become intoxicated by drugs or alcohol may also decrease one’s ability to clear the lungs from any infections. It’s extremely important for people to stay sober during the healing process.

Number Four: Radiation Is a Problem

People who have had radiation treatment in the past may be more likely to contract pneumonia. This is because radiation has the ability to weaken lung tissue. Having strong lungs helps people fight the disease better.

Number Three: It Can’t Be Passed From Person to Person

There is a common myth going around that pneumonia can be passed from one person to another, but this is not the case. In fact, it can only be transmitted through the air.

Number Two: Pus or Blood in the Worst Cases

When the disease gets really bad, pus or blood can be found in the lungs. This is quite serious and people who have these symptoms should be hospitalized immediately.

Number One: Linezolid vs Penicillin

As time passes, more organisms are becoming resistant to penicillin, which was used to cure pneumonia in the past. As a result, linezolid has been created to help fight this trend.

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