PNC: 6 Incredible Facts the Banks Won’t Tell You



PNC is taking over the banking industry, and we have got all of the most crucial facts that the banks won’t tell you about this growing institution! Whether you are a loyal customer, thinking about switching, or just want to learn about everything that this bank has to offer, we have everything that you will want to know about PNC banking!

Number Six: Making the Ranks

Over the years, PNC has certainly become a rising competitor in the banking industry. In terms of ATM service, this bank has reached the rank of third largest in the country. In total assets, they have earned the title of the sixth largest institution in America.

Number Five: Commitment to Students

The PNC bank is largely known for its efforts to help their customers over all else. They have made a community reputation for their programs to build community housing, provide healthcare, and supporting environmentally friendly practices. They are also big on education and are the best bank for student banking.

Number Four: The Grow Up Great Program

One of the most notable community programs enacted by this institution is their Grow Up Great program. Since its creation in 2004, this program has been aiding families and children around the world in receiving a good education. Without this plan, these families would otherwise be refused education services and supplies.

Number Three: Stocking Up

PNC holds a large percentage of the stock for the BlackRock company. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up to date with the stock market, this corporation is currently the most publicly traded firm on the market today. BlackRock holds roughly $3.8 trillion in assets, and PNC has a claim to 22 percent of these assets. Although the company began public trading in only 1999, this bank had early stakes in the startup’s funding.

Number Two: Corporate Loyalty

While this institution has strong moral obligations to its customers, it also remains loyal to its corporate investors. Since the year 2011, their corporate success has improved by an astonishing $32 billion. In comparison, assets have only seen an increase of 4 percent.

Number One: PNC Is Popular for Loans

Since 2011, PNC’s automobile loans have shot up at a record rate. The loans experienced a massive growth of five percent of the bank’s total loan portfolio. However, this isn’t the only type of loan that has raised to exponential levels in their portfolio. As one of the few banks that offer loans to those with health care bills, they have reached almost $7.5 billion in total health care loans. Since 2011, this figure has more than doubled. We hope you enjoyed learning the six facts that banks won’t tell you about PNC!

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