Pittsburgh Steelers: 7 Fun Facts to Know About the Star Team




The Pittsburgh Steelers have evolved into one of the biggest fan favorites of the NFL– even with fans who don’t even live in Pittsburgh! To find out all of the amazing facts that you didn’t know about this beloved team, we have finally arrived with our compilation of the seven fun facts you will want to know about your team!

Number Seven: The Best Fan Base

Out of any NFL team out there, the Steelers definitely have the most dedicated fan base. Rumor has it that every game the team has hosted since 1972 has sold out completely.

Number Six: Historical Teamwork

During the fight of World War II, even the lives of professional football players were affected. Teams across the nation were short in numbers, and many were forced to call it quits for the 1943 season. The Steelers, however, refused to do so. With only six remaining players, the team joined forces with the Philadelphia Eagles and completed the season as the Steagles. The attendance of these games made records for both teams.

Number Five: True Steeler Roots

With a name like the Steelers, it only makes sense that the team come from a background of the massive Pittsburgh steel industry. Their unique team logo is actually based upon the similar logo of the American Iron and Steel Institute, and was created by the United States Steel Corporation. Both the team and the institute has collaborated over the years to present education about how important steel is to daily life in the modern day.

Number Four: The Chief

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ founder, Arthur Rooney, went down in the football history books as the beloved and feared Chief. The nickname was actually an accident: because he hated the name, it was an inside joke in his inner circle that somehow leaked into the media. Anyone who knew Rooney, however, knew that there might be a broken nose in your future if you ever called him the Chief to his face.

Number Three: The First Choice for America’s Team

The Dallas Cowboys have held the title of “America’s Team” since the NFL named them so in their films. However, the NFL had approached the Steelers with the offer first. Coach Rooney had rejected the offer though, claiming that the Steelers were “just Pittsburgh’s team.”

Number Two: A Lone Jersey

A handful of jersey numbers are avoided by modern players in honor of past legends, but only one jersey from the team has ever been retired. The jersey belonged to Ernie Stautner, No. 70. He spent a total of 14 years dedicated to this team- so dedicated that he only missed a mere six games. In 1963, the legend retired along with his jersey.

Number One: The Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel

Because every sports team has to have their own unique gimmick, the Steelers’ home stadium bears the curse of the Terrible Towel. The practice of waving this iconic yellow towel at the Steelers’ games was started from a radio station promotion, but caught on like wildfire with the fans. They have been frightening any team that dare oppose Pittsburgh with these towels since the 1970s. We hope you enjoyed our list of the seven fun facts to know about the Pittsburgh Steelers!

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