PETA: 15 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know



PETA is one of the most well-known nonprofit organizations in the world. However, despite the fact that the organization has spent a considerable amount of time in the spotlight and under the scrutiny of the public eye, there are still some things that many people don’t know. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about PETA. Well, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself below!

 Number Fifteen: Peta Is Pro-Meat – Under the Right Circumstances

It’s true! The organization actually supports the consumption of chicken meat that’s made in a laboratory. Scientists have been able to use groundbreaking technology to grow meat without killing animals, and PETA has nothing against this.

Number Fourteen: It Has an Interesting Connection to SeaWorld

In fact, the organization is part-owner of SeaWorld! It bought the minimum number of shares that allow it to submit shareholder resolutions, and since then it has submitted several resolutions in regards to the conditions in which SeaWorld keeps its Orcas and other captive animals.

Number Thirteen: The Story Behind the Largest Animal Seizure

After an undercover investigation of U.S. Global Exotics, the organization held the largest animal seizure in all of history. It seized over 26,000 animals from the company.

Number Twelve: PETA Vs. NASA

A lawsuit between the organization and NASA resulted in NASA canceling their plans to study squirrel monkeys. The study was going to cost $1.75 million and would subject the monkeys to harmful doses of radiation.

Number Eleven: In Many Ways, It’s Like the U.S. Postal Service

Even when it’s raining or snowing, PETA has thousands of devoted members who are willing to protest on the organization’s behalf. Some campaigners have braved sub-zero temperatures to stand in protest of the harmful treatment of animals.

Number Ten: It’s Not Opposed to Peaceful Meetings

Though the organization has earned a reputation for being full of protesting picketers, this isn’t actually the case. Before sending protestors, the organization will send a letter requesting to meet with company executives.

Number Nine: It Treats Celebrities With Respect

Many celebrities have taken heat from PETA about their decision to purchase and wear fur. However, the organization always sends the celebrities a polite letter to let them know they shouldn’t be wearing fur before taking any further actions.

Ruven Afanador / PETA

Number Eight: You Can Call a Rescue Worker at Any Hour of the Day

The organization has rescue workers on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. Any cases of animal cruelty or neglect can be addressed at any time of the day because of this.

Number Seven: The PETA International Science Consortium, Ltd.

Some people have accused the organization of lacking scientific minds, but this isn’t the case at all. PETA has a team of about 15 scientists, advisers, and consultants who work tirelessly to stop the harmful testing of animals.

Number Six: It’s Changing China

In an effort to stop the Chinese government from performing animal testing, the organization has hired scientists to train Chinese government officials in how to perform non-animal testing methods. It’s had such success with the process that they have convinced big names like Urban Decay and John Paul Mitchell Systems to pull out of the Chinese market altogether.

Number Five: It Set the Precedent for Domain Names

It’s true! In 1995, the organization was involved in a lawsuit regarding website domain trademark infringement. The case set a legal precedent and is studied in law schools all over the country today.

Number Four: It’s Been Fighting for Decades

PETA won the very first state Supreme Court case in 1996 that allowed people to film and publicize animal abuse. The organization’s case went to the Supreme Court after it released footage of Bobby Berosini abusing the apes he performed with.

Number Three: It’s Spayed and Neutered Over 100,000 Animals

The organization has performed thousands of low-to-no cost spay and neuter procedures since 2001. In fact, it’s performed an impressive 123,000 of them.

Number Two: There’s a Video Game for That

Most people aren’t aware that the organization has made video games to promote its messages. Some of the games are based on other popular video games and include names like “Super Chick Sisters” (based on Super Mario Bros.) and “Pokemon Black & Blue: Gotta Free ‘Em All.”

Number One: It Launched the Animal Rights Movement

In another groundbreaking Supreme Court case, PETA launched the animal rights movement in 1981 when it won its case for the Silver Spring monkeys. The case was surrounding the use of animals in experiments, and the animal rights movement has been going strong ever since. Thanks for reading!

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