People Share The Time Their Dog Protected Them From An Intruder



A Seriously Great Pyrenees

“I had a Great Pyrenees who was the definition of gentleness. She could run full speed through a field of baby chicks and wouldn’t harm a single one of them.

One day, I accidentally cut a guy off while driving. There was a big tree on a corner, I looked as best I could but didn’t see him. It was an honest mistake

This guy followed me home, a journey that took a good 15 minutes. I pulled up my drive, and my dog, as always, ran out to greet me.

I got out of my car, turned towards the guy and started yelling at him to get off of my property.

My dog became a terror demon. Snarling, barking, darn near choking herself on her own hatred for this guy.

He threw his truck in reverse and took the heck off. My dog chased him to the edge of the property and came trotting back so proud of herself.

She got so many treats that night.

You don’t mess with a working dog’s family.”

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