Paris: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Paris is one of the most popular and famous places in Europe. A great city known for being one of the most romantic places in the world, it’s a dream of most people to visit there one day. Here is part one of our list of interesting facts about Paris.

Number Fifteen: The Louvre Was Emptied

Before the Germans invaded the city during the second world war, the famous art museum was vacated. Its contents were distributed out to the richest French citizens, who agreed to hide the art in their homes throughout the country.

Number Fourteen: Guy de Maupassant Hated The Eiffel Tower

The famed French writer claimed to abhor this historic building, yet ate his lunch there every day. His reason for this was that it was the only place in Paris from which he could not see the tower.

Number Thirteen: It Would Take You Almost 30 Years to See Each Open Terrace

If you spent one day at each cafe, bar or restaurant that has an open terrace, it would take you 29.8 years to see them all. There are over nine thousand of these, and that was only at the last count.

Number Twelve: An Author Predicted the Future of Paris

In 1863, Jules Verne created a manuscript titled Paris in the 20th Century, a written work detailing the future which would include glass skyscrapers, feminism, and a huge rise in out-of-wedlock births. His publisher thought the content was much too far-fetched, and advised him not to publish it.

Number Eleven: The Stowaway Art Piece

A flat in the French city was left seemingly empty for seven decades, the rent paid on time each and every month. When the renter died, a painting worth two million Euros was found inside the apartment.

Number Ten: Sister Cities

Rome and Paris are sister cities and consider themselves the best, though equal to one another. They both use the expression, “Only Paris is worthy or Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris.”

Number Nine: Paris Has 31 Condom Vending Machines

These are provided by the Town Hall, and there’s even a map to find them on the internet. Hopefully, you enjoyed the first part of our list. Be sure to return for part two, coming soon.

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