Paramount: 8 Little Known Facts



Paramount is the fifth oldest film studio in the world, and America’s oldest running studio. It was founded by a Hungarian man in 1912 and it’s currently owned by American mass media company Viacom. Paramount has produced and distributed some of the top-grossing movies ever made, such as Titanic, Transformers and Forrest Gump. There are many intersting little known facts about the company—keep reading!

Number Eight: Spooky Hotspot

Lovers of paranormal phenomenon love Paramount Studios, which has long been associated with haunted sightings. The studio is located right next to Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where many celebrities have been buried. Many studio staff members and visitors claim to have witnessed ghostly incidents and presences there, particularly in Studio 19.

Number Seven: The Logo’s Mountain Doesn’t Exist

The logo was based on a doodle made by Paramount founder W. W. Hodkinson, who was loosely inspired by his early memories of Utah’s Wasatch mountain range. The logo features 22-24 stars (depending on the version) that represent the first 22 actors who worked with the studio.

Number Six: First Studio to Go All-Digital

In 2014, Paramount became the first major studio to abandon 35-millimeter film in favor of digital distribution. It’s considerably cheaper for film studios to send films to theaters digitally, since a film print can cost up to $2,000. Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was the last Paramount film to be distributed in film format.

Number Five: Only Major Studio Left in Hollywood

The ‘Big Five’ were all located in Hollywood at some point, but most of them decided to move to bigger, more remote areas in and around Los Angeles. Paramount is the only major studio that is still located within Hollywood limits.

Number Four: Free Paramount Movies on YouTube

The studio recently released some 100 movies to stream via their YouTube channel at no cost! Most of the films offered are classics, but some ‘modern’ productions can also be found, including Missing in Action, Masters of the Universe, The Loved Ones and Hot Pursuit.

Number Three: They’ll Let You Throw a Party There

Paramount will let you host a party at the Hollywod studio upon completion of a request, provided you have a good few thousand dollars to pay for it. In addition to the rented space, Paramount also covers professional lighting, A/V systems and ‘special’ effects.

Number Two: United States V. Paramount Pictures Inc

During the 1930s, all major film studios in the U.S. owned their own film theaters, were only the movies they produced were displayed. In fact, by 1945, 17% of all movie theatres in the U.S. belonged to film studios. Seven years before that, the U.S. Department of Justice sued these studios (specifically, Paramount) over ‘unfair trade practices’ and, eventually, they had to give up their theater oligopoly. The case is usually referred to as the “Paramount Decree.”

Number One: First Hollywood Blockbuster

In 1972, Paramount’s The Godfather would become the first blockbuster ever released in Hollywood, which would forever change the way movies were produced and marketed afterwards. The Godfather opened at 365 venues in the U.S. and it became the highest-grossing movie ever at the time ($134 million in the States only.) Producer Al Ruddy explained: “The Godfather brought in the era of the blockbusters, where they’re looking for the $100 million movie, the home run, the tent-pole attraction to build a schedule on. This had never happened before.” We hope you found our little known facts interesting!

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