Paleo Diet: 15 Health Hacks You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of this list of interesting and informative facts about the paleo diet, the approach to food that is sweeping the nation. This diet looks to our ancestors for wisdom about how we should eat and live. Here’s part two of our list.

Number Eight: It’s Not Just a Diet

It isn’t all about food. In fact, it also focuses on fitness levels, energy levels, and making sure you get enough sleep. Stress management is another area of focus that is encouraged by paleo.

Number Seven: You Don’t Have to Join a Gym

When people hear that this diet also focuses on fitness, they assume this means they need to go out and get a gym membership, but this is not the case. Our ancestors walked a lot and didn’t own exercise machines. There are many natural choices for getting our exercise.

Number Six: The Paleo Diet Helps Combat Cravings for Sugar

If you’re one of those people who keeps candy in your purse or craves chocolate often, this diet can help you. Since it gets rid of sugar and aids in blood sugar stability, it gets rid of those cravings altogether.

Number Five: Fermented Foods are Important

Fermented food items such as sauerkraut provide a lot of different types of bacteria. This may sound bad at first glance, but they actually help with your digestive system and can improve the functioning of your body’s immune system.

Number Four: This Diet isn’t Always Low Carb

Although it includes getting rid of legumes, grains, and wheat, it does not encourage you to eliminate carbs completely. The diet just encourages people to seek their carbohydrates from alternative sources, such as broccoli or potatoes.

Number Three: It’s Ancient But Only Became Well-Known in the ’70s

Ancient humans ate this way, as we know. Modern humans, however, took a bit longer to wise up to the benefits of a cleaner and more simple diet. Paleo became scientifically backed in 2002 as a result of new studies and first began being practiced in the 1970s.

Number Two: It Exists in Many Forms

There is not one specific food group that our Paleolithic ancestors ate. Since they traveled often, encountering changing landscapes in day to day life, their diets changed a lot accordingly.

Number One: Lowers Risk of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

These are huge problems in America, so switching to the paleo diet could benefit a lot of people. Thanks for reading part two of our list, and we hope you found it informative.

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