Ovulation: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




Not long ago, we brought you part one of this list of educational facts about ovulation. We learned the lesser known fact that female babies are born with all of their eggs and that women speak using a higher pitch during this time. Here is part two of the list.

Number Eight: Women Become More Symmetrical During Ovulation

It’s pretty commonly known that symmetrical features are something we subconsciously seek out in a mate. Women, when they are at their most fertile, become more symmetrical in the fingers, breasts, and even ears.

Number Seven: Heightened Sense of Smell

Ovulating women are more sensitive to scents than they are during times of low fertility. The smells that will seem most appealing are male pheromones.

Number Six: Men With High Testosterone Can Smell Ovulation

There was a study done where men were given t-shirts to smell. Some were worn by no one at all while others were recently worn by ovulating women. Men who were able to sniff out the scent of ovulation were shown to have higher testosterone levels.

Number Five: Ovulating Strippers Earn More

A University of New Mexico study found that exotic dancers made almost $100 more during their fertile work shifts. They also earned nearly $100 less during menstruation.

Number Four: Women Are More Likely to Cheat During This Time

A study showed that women who were dating someone they rated low on an attractiveness scale were more likely to fantasize about other men during ovulation. This could lead to infidelity.

Number Three: The Cervix Changes Shape

This is not something that a woman can feel, but the cervix undergoes changes when she is at her most fertile. The cervix will be softer, higher, and more open.

Number Two: Breastfeeding Lowers Fertility

This can be a natural form of contraception for new mothers. While breastfeeding, the woman’s body does not create the necessary hormones for fertility.

Number One: A Woman’s Walk Becomes Sexier During Ovulation

In addition to a higher voice and a better sense of smell, a woman will walk in a more seductive way during ovulation. We hope you found part two of our list interesting, and thanks for reading.

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