Ovulation: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




Ovulation is the process by which a female’s body creates and releases an egg to be fertilized by a sperm cell, leading to pregnancy. The reproductive process is a fascinating subject, and there is much to learn about it. We are here to tell you some lesser known facts about ovulation.

Number Fifteen: Babies Are Born With All Their Eggs

A female baby will already have all of the eggs she will use in her lifetime when she is born. The infant has one to two million, and about 300 to 500 of them will become mature eggs when she gets older. Males, on the other hand, do not become able to reproduce until puberty.

Number Fourteen: The Egg Doesn’t Live Long

Only about four to twelve hours, actually. It gets released and waits to be fertilized. Sperm can survive inside of a woman’s body for up to five days, searching for an egg to fertilize.

Number Thirteen: Hidden Estrus

While other mammals have obvious changes in behavior when they are “in heat,” for women, the signs of ovulation are a lot more subtle. This is known as “hidden estrus.”

Number Twelve: Women Speak Higher During Ovulation

They do this unconsciously, as a way to seem more feminine. This is intended to make ovulating women appear more attractive to prospective mates, and to increase chances of reproducing.

Number Eleven: They Also Wear More Makeup

A published psychological study showed some changes in behavior during the time of ovulation. One of these changes was women wearing more makeup during this time. This is done to seem more appealing to males.

Number Ten: Heightened Attraction to Masculinity

Women have been shown to subconsciously find typically masculine traits appealing during ovulation. Deep voices and square jawlines will seem extra appealing during this time, since these are signs of developmental stability.

Number Nine: An Egg Can Take Almost Two Weeks to Become Implanted

Once it gets implanted, pregnancy officially takes place. We hope you found part one of our list of facts about ovulation interesting and informative. To learn more on the subject, check back for part two, coming soon.

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