Osama Bin Laden: Top 8 Death Conspiracy Theories




The death of Osama Bin Laden marked a milestone in the War on Terror, but what really happened in this legendary event? The truth isn’t always an easy story to tell, which may be why this event sparked so many conspiracy theories as to what really happened with Bin Laden. We can’t tell you if there is and verisimilitude to these theories, but they sure are entertaining to read!

Number Eight: It Wasn’t Osama Bin Laden

Come on now guys, they did a DNA test. Although, we didn’t physically hold the results of that test, now did we? It is unbelievably common, even among Americans, that the man who faced the fury of the military wasn’t Osama Bin Laden. Possible ideas state that he is still roaming the Middle East, or died earlier in Afghanistan.

Number Seven: He Was Killed Before the ‘Death’

The death of Osama Bin Laden was said to be a very public event, even witnessed by neighbors; however, theorists aren’t completely convinced. Many people believe that Osama was killed as early as years before the incident, and the “killing” was staged when it was politically convenient for the government.

Number Six: He Tried to Surrender First

This one is more often accepted, and we honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it were true. Many theorists say that evidence leads us to believe Osama tried to surrender but was killed regardless. It is said that the U.S. wanted the issue resolved, not put on trial for possibly years. Even officials have admitted that they weren’t sent on a capture mission, it was a kill mission.

Number Five: The Suspicious Announcement

When it comes to the date of the death announcement, many believe it to be a suspicious coincidence. Thus, it formed rumors that Bin Laden had been dead for quite some time. The announcement was made on May 1st, 2011: International Worker’s Day, the Illuminati anniversary, and eight years (to date) from Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech. It’s all just a little fishy.

Number Four: Pakistan Knew

It is hard to believe that Pakistan was not aware of Osama’s presence and conspiracy theorists aren’t believing it for a second. With a worldwide notorious terrorist residing in the same neighborhood as a bustling Pakistan military base, you would think they would notice. Lucky for us, Pakistan wasn’t notified when the raid was planned.

Number Three: The Royals Knew

Because of the suspicious timing of the ordeal, many conspire that William and Kate Middleton were tipped off about the compound raid before it happened. Just before the death announcement, the royal couple had announced the postponing of their honeymoon. Bin Laden’s death was sure to top headlines (and it sure did), so many believed they had received news of the raid and postponed the event to have headlines all to themselves.

Number Two: Bin Laden Was in the CIA

Possibly one of the more ridiculous theories, many believe that Osama Bin Laden was actually a member of the CIA. His position in the team was to convince Americans that Islam was a violent place, in order to validate the war. After they accomplished this goal, he was disposed of.

Number One: He’s Not Dead

Despite the intense news coverage of Osama’s death, many people believe he is still alive today. Though this perception is more common in the Middle East than America, a large number of people believe the story was faked as a ploy to get President Obama reelected. We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of the top eight conspiracy theories on the death of Osama Bin Laden!

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