Orphaned Baby Giraffe Finally Smiles Again After Meeting His Unlikely Best Friend



Life in the wild is dangerous for giraffes. The tall vegetarians are often killed by wild predators. If one gets orphaned or separated from its family, usually it is only a matter of days before a big cat or other predator finds it and has it for lunch. However, in the case of Kiko the giraffe, she found some big, safe friends who helped her survive and find a new life in Kenya.

16. Saving Wild Animals

Image: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Animals who are orphaned in the wild usually have no chance. It is often up to rescue groups to find and save these animals. That’s where groups like the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust come in. This organization operates mostly in Kenya. It is dedicated to rescuing orphaned elephants and other animals and rehabilitating them so they can live in freedom.

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