One of a kind… Agua Luna Ranch in Texas



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My Spanish is really rudimentary but I *think* “Agua Luna” means water moonor perhaps it’s supposed to be moon water. In any case, this off-grid octagonal cabin is located in the area of Terlingua Ranch in west Texas. (Terlingua = earth tongue??)

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It’s kind of an odd dwelling, but it is indeed a house for humans – or a getaway cabin if you don’t want to do the off-grid goat-herding thing year round. It has no electrical service or public water or sewer, but it does have solar and wind power and a rain catchment system.

Have a peek inside…

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(I love how the chimney snakes up to exit through the center eye of the octagonal roof.)

The house comes fully furnished with wind powered appliances.

There is a bathroom, but it is rustic…

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That is a composting toilet behind the wooden soaking tub.

The lone bedroom appears to be open to the rest of the house…

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And arches are a recurring theme inside and out…

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The price of this home was recently slashed from $129,900 to $99,000. It comes with a total of 170 acres of rocky west Texas hills.

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It may not be huge, but it is charming – in a southwestern UFO kind of way…

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This is great property but, I do have one pet peeve

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Don’t put humans in the listing photos! (We’re not buying a cowgirl – we’re buying that sunset view!)

For all the details on this unique west Texas home, see here.


Sorry no post yesterday… sometimes a person just needs to nap in a warm bed.

That’s my philosophy in life: nap when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, and the rest will fall into place.

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that, but it helps to think simply.


In truth, I am trying to spread things out on my blog at the end of the month because I always manage to exceed my bandwidth (the Word-Press theme I’m running seems to be the issue for those of you who are technically inclined). The big-bad-bandwidth issue “disappeared” my site for a few looooong hours yesterday and that was very frustrating, to say the least.

I am looking at some options so that my blog does not run into this problem anymore… unfortunately, that means forking over more cash.



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