Olay: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Beauty Brand




Olay has been attacking the beauty industry for years now, and we have come to give you all of the juicy details about what you didn’t know about this successful company! If you have not yet tried out their extensive line of beauty products, this article might just convince you to give Olay a chance! Read on to discover everything that you didn’t already know!

Number Eight: The Promise

The statement of Olay is not only a catchy slogan; it is a promise to their consumers. These passionate skin care professionals encourage women more than 80 million women worldwide to “love the skin you’re in” with their line of beauty products.

Number Seven: Leading the Industry

In the skin care industry, Olay has become one of the most renowned brand names on the shelves. They are considered to be an international leader in skin care sales and have been for over 50 years.

Number Six: The Dermatologists’ Stance

Not only is Olay adored by its customers, they are also a popular recommendation from dermatologists. In a study at the World Congress of Dermatology, eight of ten dermatologists backed Olay’s products by claiming they would personally recommend them based on performance.

Number Five: Ensuring Quality and Perfection

Beauty products require a vast array of safety testing before hitting the shelves, and the Olay scientists take this assurance very seriously. Over the course of a year, the company performs an average of 400,000 safety and quality tests for both new and classic products.

Number Four: Ideals From the Start

When the company first emerged, it was created by a chemist named Graham Wulff who was inspired by the natural beauty of his wife, Dinah. With her as his muse, he worked tirelessly to create reputable products to embrace the natural beauty of smooth, clean skin. He not only sought to embody the essence of beauty itself, but to transform perceptions of women’s beauty as well.

Number Three: Changes in Leadership

Since its humble start, Olay has undergone a series of name changes and leadership alterations. However, they still work to embrace the company’s idealistic roots. Originally stemmed from the company Adams National Industries, hired to sell Wulff’s Oil of Olay product, the beauty products flourished and were eventually sold to Richardson-Vicks. Since this time, the company flourished and cultivated the simple Olay brand in 2000, created by Procter & Gamble.

Number Two: Olay Total Effects

In the modern day, the most innovative product supplied by this company is their Total Effects anti-wrinkle cream. It has received worldwide praise for its highly efficient and exclusive formula, backed by VitaNiacin technology. This one-of-a-kind formula cleans and smoothens skin, giving women the complexion of their dreams.

Number One: Olay’s Mission Statement

The Olay brand continues to adhere to the ideals of the products’ founder, as stated in their mission statement. To this day, the company works to “enhance all that is beautiful in women by providing simple to sophisticated skin care solutions to continually improve women’s skin and women’s lives”. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the eight things that you didn’t know about Olay!

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