Why It’s OK to Miss What You Leave Behind



imageedit_1_8339272059There are two saying in this world, “Out of sight, out of mind,” and “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Personally, I think both can be use based on whatever the situation may be; however, it took studying abroad for me to realize, distance does, in fact, make the heart grow fonder. Here is why it’s ok to miss what you leave behind.

Three months ago I left to embark on a new journey in my life, 4,000 miles from home. I left behind my college, my friends both at school and at home, my family, and even my dog. I left because I felt like I needed to. It wasn’t until I spent these past three months living my life abroad that I realized being away made me miss home a little. Now I’m not exactly one for getting homesick – I wasn’t longing to go home – but I’ve learned to appreciate home and my college more than I used to.

What I mean by this is sometimes it’s not until you’re thrown in a foreign country where no one really knows about your life, or can barely understand you – and vice versa – that you realize how important home is. I’ve learned that it’s not a crime to miss your family no matter how crazy they may make you. It’s OK to miss your college and your college friends. Point blank: it’s OK to miss things.

It’s almost as if we associate missing things as a negative aspect of life, as if missing someone or something is unacceptable when you’re experiencing everything life has to offer. But in my mind, distance makes the heart grow fonder. You miss things because when you have them in front of you, you typically take them for granted. You miss things because it’s human nature to, it means you have something so great in your life that it’s worth missing just a little.

Of course, I’m going to miss living in a foreign country more than anything since this has been my home for the past 101 days, all I am saying is it’s OK to admit to missing things. I have had the time of my life abroad, but I’m so happy to know that I have a place I love that I can return to.

No matter what your destination is, we try to pretend we’re these hardcore people who are too cool to miss anything we’ve left behind. You’re only human, and you do have emotions regardless of how much you choose to hide them. Sure, “Out of sight, out of mind,” definitely applies in certain situations, I’m sure we can all agree but creating a new appreciation for things in your life such as home–and your bed–is just as important as leaving home and learning new things.

Life isn’t meant to be lived in one place, and it’s not the end of the world if you find yourself missing home from time to time. I guess it takes a little bit of change to understand that home isn’t all that bad. I see people complain about home via social media and about how “boring” it is. The truth is it’s only as boring as you make it. Sure, it sucks at times but to have a place to come home to is a great feeling.

So leave home and experience life. Don’t stop yourself from stepping out of your comfort zone because you might miss home, that’s not the answer. Embrace it, just remember home is where your big, comfortable bed is.

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