Octopus Facts: 22 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




You were absolutely amazed at the first eight unique capabilities of the octopus, and we have returned to present our part two article! There is so much to learn about the mysterious ways of this odd sea creature, and all you have to do is keep reading! Don’t forget to return for part three of this article, where we unveil the top eight mind-blowing facts about the mysterious octopus!

Number Sixteen: Getting Inked. It isn’t just a rumor; if you scare an octopus, it will release a cloud of ink into the water. The creature is normally anti-confrontational, so it does this to buy time for its escape from a threat. Basically, it is the equivalent of a magician disappearing under the cover of a smoke cloud.

Number Fifteen: The Vampire Squid. The abyssal octopus is one of the most amazing sea creatures in existence. Also known as the vampire squid, this species lives in dark ocean depths and will light up to intimidate its enemies.

Number Fourteen: Full of Chompers. Believe it or not, octopi have a full set of teeth! Well, sort of. It appears to be more like a beak, and is composed of keratin. This is mainly to crush the shells of their meals.

Number Thirteen: Free Form. The body of an octopus is completely void of any bones or skeletal structure. Because their bodies are basically just big jelly blobs, they can manipulate their bodies to fit in almost any tight space, no matter how small.

Number Twelve: The Mocking-pus. Octopi have amazing capabilities, as you have probably realized already after seeing this article. In addition to their octopus-based abilities, there are other various abilities associated with certain species. For example, the mimic octopus is especially good and transforming its body to mimic other creatures.

Number Eleven: Going for the Kill. Not many people are aware of this, but every species of octopus is considered to be venomous. However, you can rest (somewhat) assured. There is only one species poisonous enough to kill a human: the blue-ringed octopus. It is very small, covered in neon blue rings, and is most often gold in color.

Number Ten: A Whole Lot of Heart. Although octopi are generally small in size, it takes a lot of heart-pumping to keep them moving. In fact, they have three hearts powering their bodies. One for each of the gills, and one to pump blood throughout its body.

Number Nine: Bloody Blue. Speaking of pumping blood, the blood that flows through the body of an octopus is oddly blue. This is a type of blood called hemocyanin that helps the creatures survive in ocean depths and receives its hue from high levels of copper. Come back soon to see our next article, part three, to see the ultimate eight mind-blowing facts that you never knew about the octopus!

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