Octopus Facts: 22 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)




The octopus is quite a unique creature, indeed; arguably one of the oddest on the planet Earth. We have been studying the secrets to octopi for centuries, however, there is still much that we average citizens don’t know about the mysteries of the octopus. To fill you in on everything there is to know about this unique animal, we have compiled an extensive list of 22 mind-blowing facts! Don’t forget to return for parts two and three of this article, where we unveil the top 15 mind-blowing facts about the mysterious octopus!

Number Twenty-Two: In the Mind of Octopi. It may not surprise you, but the brain of this sea creature is roughly the size of a walnut. That is a lot of head to a little brain. However, the species has a remarkable intelligence; it is said that they have possibly the highest intellect of any invertebrate animal.

Number Twenty-One: Scavenging Masters. For a species of invertebrate creature, the octopus proves to be rather unique. They are the first of this kind to scavenge for tools, which they use to help hide themselves.

Number Twenty: Sea Gardens. Because of their scavenging talents, these eight-legged creatures can be quite the hoarders sometimes. Often, octopi are known to collect their tools, and arrange them into a “garden” of sorts to better camouflage themselves.

Number Nineteen: Class Pet. After testing the intelligence of this species, marine biologists have proven that they are especially good at solving problems. They have been known to even find their way out of an enclosed area, such as a jar.

Number Eighteen: All in the Eyes. Just like humans, octopi have amazing and intricate eyes. However, their pupils are eerily rectangular, making them even more intimidating creatures. In addition to this, they cannot rotate their eyes as we can; they remain in a fixed position.

Number Seventeen: Masters of Disguise. The most notable talent of the octopus is its ability to camouflage itself. Because of the creature’s lack of a shell or other protective qualities, this ability is also its greatest defense. Come back soon to see our next article, part two, to see the next seven mind-blowing facts that you never knew about the octopus!

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