Nickelback: Top 7 Strangest Song Lyrics of All Time



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Nickelback has built quite a following for their music over the last two decades, releasing eight albums since 1996. Love them or loathe them, they have consistently put out the music they wanted to make. While the band has put out some decent tunes, there is no denying that some of the band’s lyrics tend to be on the strange side. Here are seven examples of Nickelback’s lyrics at their oddest.

Number Seven: ‘This Afternoon’

Lyric: “We’ve got weeds in the backyard four feet tall / Cheech and Chong prob’ly woulda’ smoked ‘em all.” “This Afternoon” is a feel-good party song, akin to Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.” It’s all about drinking beer, smoking pot and partying until “six in the morning.” There is nothing wrong with that, have fun. But who boasts about having weeds in their backyard at a party and why are they “four feet tall?”

Number Six: ‘She Keeps Me Up’

Lyric: “Coca-Cola Rollercoaster.”  A song about infatuation with a girl, it’s odd enough that he calls her a “funky little monkey” and a “twisted trickster,” but the line “Coca-Cola rollercoaster” just doesn’t make any sense. It seems more like a placeholder lyric that they never got rid of, or it’s an ad placement.

Number Five: ‘S.E.X.’

Lyric: “S is for the simple need / E is for the ecstasy / X is just to mark the spot / Because that’s the one you really want.” One thing Nickelback doesn’t do is subtlety. You can’t really get any blunter about the subject of sex than this line. The whole song feels like an advertisement for sex, as the only correct answer to the question of whether you want it or not is “yes,” many, many times.

Number Four: ‘Rockstar’

Lyric: “I’ll have the quesadilla.” “Rockstar” is another blunt jab at a subject, this time at rock stardom. The song uses every cliché about rockstar living, from mansions and cars to having “drug dealers on speed dial” and eating disorders. However, the oddest parts of the song aren’t sung by Chad Kroeger, they’re sing-talked by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, who gave the songs such interjections such as “been there done that” during the part about joining the mile-high club and “I’ll have the quesadilla” during the part about getting meals for free.

Number Three: ‘Photograph’

Lyric: “Look at this photograph / Every time I do it makes me laugh / How did our eyes get so red / And what the hell is on Joey’s head.” I’m all for nostalgia pieces and Nickelback had a real hit on their hands with this one. However, he’s singing about a photo he found on his floor that you can’t actually see unless you are watching the video. It’s strange because we’re not actually in on the joke; we don’t actually know what is on Joey’s head.

Number Two: ‘Midnight Queen’

Lyric: “She’s gonna lick, my, pistol clean / She’s got a hold on me and ain’t lettin’ go / She’s gonna be, my, sex machine / And I can never get her under control / She’s gonna climb all over me / I’m like a pony in my own rodeo.” “Midnight Queen” follows Kroeger into a seedy bar where the patrons “might be plannin’ to jump” him, just to see this waitress who will “lick his pistol clean” and climb on him like a pony. The imagery is odd, very kinky and probably something no one should admit.

Number One: Some of the Strangest Nickelback Lyrics – ‘Something in Your Mouth’

Lyric: “You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out / ‘Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth.” From the first time I ever heard this song in 2009, the entirety of it seemed extremely ridiculous and sexist. I don’t know if Kroeger is trying to make a point with it or something, but telling a woman they look better with their thumb in their mouth or the man’s junk (what the song implies) in her mouth is strange and terribly over the top. Thank you for reading our list of the top seven strangest Nickelback lyrics. We hope you enjoyed it!

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