Neymar: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Footballer



Neymar is one of the best footballers in the world, and yet he might only be the third-best player on his team. Such is life when you play on Barcelona with the likes of Lionel Messi and company. But Neymar is undeniably exciting and is unquestionably the future star for both Barcelona – if he stays with the club – and the Brazilian national team. Find out more about the young star below!

Number Six: His Father Got Rich Off of His Transfer to Barcelona

Obviously, Neymar made a ton of money when he was first signed to the Spanish club. But his old man got rich too, supposedly taking in about ten percent of the total fee. Neymar knows it’s important to keep it in the family

Number Five: He Ran His Own Blog for Years

You normally would not expect a global soccer star to run his own blog, but this one did for many years. Unfortunately, it was in Portuguese, and it looks like he hasn’t posted anything for a while now.

Number Four: Pele Was His Mentor in Brazil

Not bad to have maybe the greatest player in the history of the sport in your corner. Apparently one big piece of advice that Pele gave Neymar was to stay at Santos – his old club – a bit longer before moving to a bigger European club. Looks like the advice more than paid off for the young star.

Number Three: Neymar Accused Scottish Fans of Being Racist

He said this after he played in the country. The Scottish Football Association wanted him to apologize for his comments, but he refused.

Number Two: Real Madrid Wanted Him to Cut His Hair

Barcelona’s main La Liga rival Real Madrid also recruited the Brazilian. But they wanted him to clean up his look and cut his hair. He probably didn’t like that little demand too much.

Number One: The Identity of His Child’s Mother is Private

Neymar became a father at the young age of 19. But he has kept the name of the child’s mother private to protect her. That’s it for this list, thanks for reading!

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