The New York Mets: 8 Things You Didn’t Know



The New York Mets are a much-maligned Major League Baseball franchise. But they have been unusually good in recent years, even reaching the World Series in the 2015 season. They have far out-shadowed their outer borough rival New York Yankees in recent seasons. Read below to find about the New York City baseball franchise.

Number Eight: The New York Mets Were Almost The New York Bees

When the team name was being decided on, the new franchise was open to a variety of names and The Bees was one of them. They eventually decided on The Mets, short for the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc.

Number Seven: The Mets Sport Blue and Orange Colors to Honor Former New York Teams

The blue is to honor the Dodgers and the Orange is to honor the Giants. Both teams have long since left New York City for California.

Number Six: The Team Mascot Was Once a Mule

This lasted for just one year in 1979. Safe to say that their current mascot – Mr. Met – is much more appropriate.

Number Five: Garth Brooks Once Tried Out for the Team

He had no hits in seventeen at-bats and was then cut from the team. He also tried out for the Padres and the Royals at different times.

Number Four: There has Only Been One No-Hitter in Mets History

And it was pretty recent, occurring back in 2012. Johan Santana has the pitching honors, having completed the feat against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Number Three: Their Mascot Was Threatened by the Secret Service

Mr. Met set off multiple metal detectors during a 1997 visit from Bill Clinton. Secret Service members told the mascot they would shoot for his head if he tried anything.

Number Two: They Played One of the Longest Baseball Games Ever

They played a game that lasted over eight hours against the Braves in 1985. The game ended just before 4am.

Number One: Jerry Seinfeld Once Called a Mets Game

Jerry is a Mets fan – both the actor and the television character. He called the game with Mets great Keith Hernandez, who was once a guest star on Seinfeld. That’s all for our list of facts about The New York Mets. Thanks for reading!

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