New Balance: 7 Facts You Need to Know About the Brand



The New Balance brand has reached amazing levels of success in recent years, which is why we are here to give you the scoop on them! Originally a footwear company, this corporation has expanded to create one some of the most efficient and attractive sports gear in the athletic retail industry. If you absolutely love this brand, you’ll want to see the following seven facts that you need to know about New Balance!

Number Seven: The Original New Balance

When the company first emerged, they weren’t the major footwear retailer that we adore today. In fact, they only sold their arch supports, created with their unique technology. After this brought the company wild success, they figured they could make even more money by implementing these arches into their own line of shoes.

Number Six: An Odd-Observation

The renowned brand name, “New Balance”, has quite an interesting story behind it. The title was an idea of founder William Riley that sparked as he was watching chickens. While he was entranced by his pets, he realized that the three-pronged toes of these birds were the most efficient design of nature to support body weight. Thus, the company’s three-pronged arches emerged.

Number Five: The Iconic “N”

The iconic “N” that decorates the sides of each pair of New Balance sneakers wasn’t always there. The idea for the distinguishing mark arose when Heckler (designer) decided that the bland models needed a new identity- and they sure did. Heckler was even quoted to say that the early models of the trackster looked like a “nursing home Adidas”.

Number Four: Breaking the Price Ceiling

If you think that you pay way too much for sneakers these days, it may just be New Balance that you have to blame for that. In a time where most shoes ran for $20-$30, this company released the 620: the first sneaker to sell for over $50. However, the advanced cushioning technology and suede/ mesh design was well worth it.

Number Three: Issues with Endorsing

Since this company entered the marketing game, they have always avoiding signing athletes to endorse their gear. Rather, they preferred that their footwear be worn for its own merits and fantastic performance. When they did finally sign someone to endorse their shoes (James Worthy), they had to end the $1-million contract after he was caught soliciting.

Number Two: Pass the Pigskin

One of the biggest keys to the success of this company is their utilization of pigskin in the manufacture of shoes. Many of their models, like the 990, is renowned for being made with pigskin rather than cowhide. This gave them a “buttery” suede that offered enhanced comfort and longer durability.

Number One: All-American Roots

The New Balance company is one of the few American footwear retailers who still manufactures its product domestically. Additionally, they are the very last major corporation in this industry that builds the majority of its product in America: an impressive 80%. The other 20% is manufactured in New England. We hoped you liked our list of the seven facts you need to know about the New Balance brand!

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