NASDAQ: 6 Essentials You Never Knew



NASDAQ has been conquering the United States stock market for as long as we can remember, and we are here to tell you why. There is definitely a reason why this exclusive market stays on top, and all you have to do is keep reading to find out all of the juicy details!

Number Six: Leading the Stock Exchange

The NASDAQ market is considered to be one of the biggest stock markets in the United States, and deals primarily with the interests of the top industry businesses. It tops every other stock exchange in the U.S. with a listing of 3,100 companies, 2 billion daily share trades, and thousands of IPOs. Additionally, they have proven to have more brand recognition than any other stock market in the country.

Number Five: A Name of Influence

With about 3,100 companies in its listings, NASDAQ has considerable influence with a wide range of industries. More than half of their listings consist of consumer, financial, healthcare, and industrial companies. Some of the most notable among these are Starbucks, eBay, JetBlue, Microsoft, Google, and Costco. Not only is this market a huge influence in the United States, but also plays a big role in the stock markets of China, Israel, Europe, and India.

Number Four: A Name of Quality

Because NASDAQ has become arguably the most influential name in stock markets, you can imagine they have intense standards for their company listings. Not just anyone can make its way onto their A-list. The market utilizes more extensive corporate and financial governance standards than any other market, and is filtered by their Global Select Market team.

Number Three: NASDAQ and the NYSE

The NASDAQ market not only exceeds the standards and trade volume of the New York Stock Exchange; they also own more floor space on the NYSE than any other entity- by about 4.5 billion shares. In total, the Execution Services team for the company has collected a massive sum of 9 million of the NYSE shares. However, these shares have dropped roughly 43%, thanks to NASDAQ.

Number Two: A Great Value

This particular stock exchange believes in good business practice, and high volume success from low prices. The listing fees for this market are lower than most other exchanges, especially the NYSE. Despite the cheaper price, they are still determined to supply investors with all of the standard benefits, in the form of a complimentary services and products package.

Number One: The Trade Analysis

In addition to the great price and multiple benefits that this market offers, they also provide stockholders with a thorough, unbiased trade analysis. The Market Intelligence Desk team for this stock market utilizes the latest proprietary and industry leading third-party data to provide statistics about trading activity. Thus, investors are supplied with a completely unbiased portfolio of potential companies. They firmly believe in the power of the customer, and are continually using feedback to better their practices. Hope you enjoyed our list of the six essentials you never knew about the NASDAQ!

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