My Day At The Beach With Sumo



We’ve all seen the videos. Someone breaks out some fabric from a bag, hold it up in the air and 30 seconds later, there’s a lounge in front of them.

Seems cool enough, but to me, I’m always a bit skeptical.  When it comes to the beach, I’ve been more than happy to haul my beach chairs or lounge chairs with their aluminum frames.  But a while back, I was sent a free version of the Sumo Lounge… so I gave it a try.

Sumo Lounge is more known for it’s large and comfortable beanbag chairs for gamers or, if you’re like me, people that like to sit down without the notion of standing up anytime soon.  So when I got the small pouch in the mail, called Sump Air, I was a bit perplexed.  Upon opening it up in my living room, I did exactly what I saw in the video.  I “Swooshed” it back and forth to get it to fill up with air.  This ended up being a bit difficult, as you need some real space to get it filled.  Either that, or it takes a bit of practice.  When I brought it outside however, it was easy to take a few steps and get it filled up.  And then I knew where I wanted to bring it… the beach.


Never have I had a more pleasant experience going to the beach than I did with my Sumo.  I got out of my car, threw it over my shoulder and walked to the beach with no straining.  I took it out, and it tool all of 20 seconds to fill with air.  Then I simply rolled the edge and clipped it together.  I pointed it at the water, laid right on top of it and took out a book.  It’s hard not to overstate this, but it was far more comfortable than a regular lounge chair.

If I have to find a negative, it’s that you better be careful to stake it down (it has the ability to be), as one light breeze and it starts rolling away.  But other than that, this product is a real pleasure.  Once I was ready to head home, I rolled it up and placed it right back into the pouch [I was also astounded that my sloppy rolling still amounted to fitting in the pouch].

So if this were an Amazon review, I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars.  Here is a breakdown for you:

Positives: Easy to use, light-weight, super comfy, compact, fun
Negatives: Nothing worth mentioning!

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