Mussolini: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Mussolini is a fascinating character who has left his imprint in history. Although he’s amazingly known, there’s quite a lot to this man that a lot of people don’t know. Here are eight more facts about this man.

Number Eight: He Pinched People

When Mussolini was young, he didn’t work towards being liked very much. For instance, he would pinch people at church, just for the sake of annoying individuals.

Number Seven: Mussolini Had Syphilis

Mussolini is believed to have had syphilis at one point in his life. He hid this fact, however, by instead covering it up as a grenade-related wound he received from fighting in World War I.

Number Six: He Was Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Strangely enough, in 1935, Mussolini was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. It’s quite a mystery why, though, since there are no records of the written documents that would reveal the reasons for it.

Number Five: Duck Mussolini Is a Thing

A lot of propaganda was released to the public during World War II, and sometimes, it took the form of multiple cartoons. Duck Mussolini, made by those who produced the Looney Tunes, often appeared.

Number Four: Churchill Loved Him

When Winston Churchill met the man, he became an instant fan. In fact, he said that if he’d been Italian, he could have been with him in the beginning.

Number Three: He Had to Do This Before Marrying His Mistress

Despite the love he had for his wife, he also loved his mistress, whom he married later. In order to do so, they had to put his son in school so the act could be completed.

Number Two: He Wrote Love Letters

Before the man married his mistress, Mussolini wrote love letters to his first wife, Ida Dalser. Once, he said, “How happy I would have been to have you with me, today, while the train was racing along under a cloudless sky.” Wow, that is pretty romantic!

Number One: He Got Drunk at his Job

Way before the man was a political leader, he was a teacher, but not for very long. He got caught getting drunk at pubs, which hurt his chances at furthering his career in the field. Mussolini is certainly an influential person who garnered a lot of power in his life. It is interesting to learn about characters such as he. Thanks for reading!

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