Mr. Robot: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



With filming reportedly underway for season two, which is expected to air in July this year, Mr. Robot keeps wowing audiences with a dark plot full of social commentary and paranoia. If you enjoyed watching season one, then keep reading, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: Rami Is a Big On-Set Dork

Apart from being an amazing actor, Rami has proved to be an on and off camera sweetheart as well. During production for season 1, Malek enjoyed pranking his co-stars. He once covered Carly Chaikin’s trailer with her character’s favorite candy, gummy bears.

Number Fourteen: Inspiration Comes From Many Places

Swedish actor Martin Wallström was apparently inspired by American Psycho to portray his role as an ambitious VP of Technology who will go great lengths to climb corporate ladders. In an early episode, we saw him paying a homeless man to let him beat him up… Patrick Bateman, anyone?

Number Thirteen: Quite Accurate Hacking Portrait

We know it’s a great show, but how accurate is it really? Avast tried to answer this question by having their security expert watch every episode and answer some questions about Elliot’s hacking methods. He concluded that most of the things portrayed on the show are actually feasible. Creepy.

Number Twelve: The Cast Took Hacking Lessons

One of the reasons why Mr. Robot seems to be so realistic is because the creator and head writer of the show, Sam Esmail, had the main cast take hacking workshops before production started. Rami Malek also took typewriting lessons in order to become a faster typer.

Number Eleven: Emmy Rossum Wanted Rami to Be the Lead on Mr. Robot

When pre-production began, Mr. Robot’s casting directors were struggling to find the perfect Elliot. Sam Esmail’s fianceé, Shameless’ Emmy Rossum, suggested casting Rami Malek after having been impressed by his performance in The Pacific. They both ended up getting along just great, as they share Egyptian roots.

Number Ten: Every Episode Name Ends as File Extensions

Particularly, video file extensions, such as .flv, .mov, .mpeg or mp4, among others. These titles are also encrypted using letters and numbers.

Number Nine: Elliot Covers His Laptop Camera

During a Behind-the-Scenes interview with the actor, Rami explained that putting a piece of tape on your laptop’s camera is “absolutely a must”. He then added that “if you look closely, Elliot’s laptop is taped”.

Number Eight: Rami Loves Dogs

Early during the pilot episode, Elliot rescues a dog from an abusive owner and decides to keep him, which used to distract the actor on-set quite often. He just couldn’t stop petting and playing with the pup! Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

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