Mother’s Day: 16 Facts You Won’t Believe (Part 1)



Mother’s Day is one of the most popular and well-known holidays, but how much do you really know about it? Here, we present our list of 16 things you didn’t know about Mother’s Day. Check out part one of our list below, and stay tuned for pat two, coming soon!

Number Sixteen: The First Mother’s Day Was in 1908. Mother’s Day was invented in the United States by Anna Jarvis, and the first year it was celebrated was 1908.

Number Fifteen: The Holiday’s Original Goal Was to Reunite Families. Mother’s Day was invented around the time of the Civil War, and when Jarvis came up with the idea, her intentions were to reunite families who had been broken up as a result of the war.

Number Fourteen: It Became a Recognized Holiday in 1914. Though Jarvis officially invented the holiday in 1908, it wasn’t nationally recognized until 1914. The more you know!

Number Thirteen: It Was Commercialized by the 1920s. Though Mother’s Day is now a well-documented boon for greeting card companies, it’s been that way for awhile. As early as the 1920s, the holiday began to be commercialized.

Number Twelve: Jarvis Tried to Get Rid of Mother’s Day. Though Jarvis invented the holiday, she was so upset with all of the commercialization of it that she tried to get rid of it later in life. She invented the holiday as a way to bring families together and was disgusted by how commercial it had become.

Number Eleven: There Are Two Billion Mothers in the World. It’s true! Nearly one third of the population are mothers, and four babies are born every single second. That’s a lot of flowers and chocolate every year.

Number Ten: There Are Significantly More Phone Calls on Mother’s Day. On the day of the holiday, the number of phone calls increases by up to 37 percent. We bet there are more phone calls on the following Monday, too (from some forgetful sons and daughters, no doubt).

Number Nine: It’s the Third-Largest Holiday for Greeting Cards in the United States. Approximately 133 million cards are given to mothers on their special day, making it the third-highest profitable holiday for greeting card companies. Stay tuned for part two of our list of 16 things you didn’t know about Mother’s Day, coming soon!

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