Mother Is Reunited With Long-Lost Daughters That She Hasn’t Seen In 44 Years



You will start missing your kids if they are gone for a weekend, but what would you if you they are gone for 44 years? Sadly, this is exactly what a woman from Thailand named Lani had to experience. She lost all contact with her daughters when they were two and three years old and she hasn’t seen them ever since. Luckily, the woman found a Facebook picture of the girls and recognized them even though they are grown women now. The reunion is going to blow you away!

20. Missing Kids 9

These little girls are Jeannie and Starla. Sadly they have been separated from their mother at a young age and they haven’t seen her since. Fortunately, they will finally get the reunion that they have always dreamed about. Let’s see how this all started.

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