Monster Energy Drink: 8 Surprising Facts



Monster energy drinks have been dominating youth culture for years now, but how safe is this beverage brand? The topic of energy drinks can be a difficult topic to understand, especially with all of the ways the media has blown it up. Don’t you worry- we are here to present you with the surprising truth about this energizing beverage!

Number Eight: Monster Can Ruin Your Sleep

If consumers drink Monster in excess, or any caffeinated beverage for that matter, they may start to notice harmful effects on their sleep patterns. This beverage is designed to keep people awake, but if too much is consumed it may just do too well of a job. Residual levels of caffeine in your system at bedtime has been known to cause insomnia in many people, and has also contributed to cases of TMJ by causing people to grind their teeth while sleeping.

Number Seven: Sponsoring Greatness

Like most energy drink brands, Monster has invested in creating a name in the world of athletics. You may have seen their logo sported by speedway champ Greg Hancock, professional skater Rob Dyrdek, motocross star Ricky Carmichael, or snowboarder Rupert Davies.

Number Six: Unleash the Beast

Monster energy drinks have become notorious among parents for their high sugar and caffeine content, but even more so after conspiracy theories circulated about the brands proposed hidden meaning. The logo on the can depicts an “M” to the untrained eye, although some have speculated that the symbol is really a repetition of the Hebrew symbol for the letter six. Repeated three times, many see the logo as a subliminal message of “666”, symbolizing “The Beast”, or the devil. The drink’s motto, “Unleash the Beast”, only aids in convincing conspirators.

Number Five: Get Your Codes

Like many of the popular corporations these days, Monster has developed a loyalty program for their customers. Thanks to a little help from Activision, customers are now able to submit codes (found in product packages) to win big ticket prizes.

Number Four: Debunked Myths

Over the years, this company has made a variety of claims that certain ingredients in this energizing beverage may provide a handful of health benefits. However, they have been blown a bit out of proportion. One particular ingredient, called carninite, has been said to reduce risks of heart disease and even cancer. Although, after years of studies, the results are still considered inconclusive to these claims. They have also claimed that guarana will increase physical performance and even improve weight loss, although most health professionals consider this to be an effect of the caffeine.

Number Three: Dangers of Caffeine

Energy drinks have received a lot of criticism in recent years for their high caffeine levels, and Monster is no exception. Health professionals not to consume more than 100 milligrams of caffeine at a time, for fear of adverse effects such as high blood pressure. Because the average Monster beverage contains about 160 milligrams per 16-ounce can, it is recommended that children and pregnant women do not partake in consuming this drink.

Number Two: Don’t Sip at the Gym

Among youths, it has become increasingly popular to consume energy drinks before going to the gym to get that motivational boost. However, this can prove to be more detrimental than you would assume. With the raise in blood pressure from both the energy drink and your workout, you are putting yourself at extreme risk of overwhelming your nervous system and heart. In some people, this may cause a heart attack.

Number One: The Truth About Health Risks

The main question in focus for this beverage has become a major concern among customers: is Monster safe to drink? Although many of the chemical ingredients in this beverage seem foreign to most people, they appear to be safe for consumption (as regulated by the FDA). The most harmful ingredient in this drink has been proven to be the intense caffeine levels, so it is important to drink in moderation. The conclusion: Monster won’t pose any threats to your health, as long as it is only consumed occasionally. Hope you enjoyed learning the 8 surprising facts on Monster energy drinks!

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