MLB: 15 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know (Part 1)



MLB is the sports center guilty pleasure of many, and we have finally arrived to give you the scoop! Major League Baseball is known as America’s pastime, and there is no other sport quite so engrained into American history. Even if you are a loyal baseball fanatic to your team, there is still so much that many of us don’t know about this popular sport! Come back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight things that you never knew about MLB!

Number Fifteen: Getting a Ball to the Face

If you are a baseball fan who regularly attends games, you already know that random flying home run or foul balls are a serious threat. Thankfully, the odds are here to reassure you. The odds of one individual being struck by a baseball in the stands is 300,000 to one.

Number Fourteen: The Ground Rule Double

In baseball, a ground rule double refers to the awarding of a double (two bases) when a batter hits the ball into the unplayable ground. For example, if the ball were to land over the outfield fence, in the crowd, or in the rafters. It is called the ground rule because this is the minimum number of bases that may be awarded to a batter in this scenario, but back in the day, they would simply be considered home runs. This changed after the 1930 National League season.

Number Thirteen: The Jackie Robinson Myth

Many people consider Jackie Robinson to have been the first professional baseball player of color to take the field, but history has got this title on a technicality. Recently, it has been brought to attention that black professional baseball player William Edward White was the first to take the field when he performed as a substitute in an 1879 game.

Number Twelve: Charlie Sheen Supporting MLB

Famous actor Charlie Sheen has always been a fan of baseball, and once went to extreme lengths to catch a home run ball in the outfield. He actually bought nearly an entire section’s worth of tickets to a single game to improve his chances, totaling out at 2,615 tickets to the game.

Number Eleven: Spring Training Begins

Spring training is an exciting event in the modern day, and it started as early as 1885. The first ever Spring training session to take place when the Chicago White Stockings travelled to Arkansas to prepare for the season.

Number Ten: The Smallest Game

The record for the smallest audience to a baseball game in history is held by the Florida Marlins. This home game against Cincinnati was only attended by approximately 347 fans. Maybe if they had a field like the Trop, they would be doing much better.

Number Nine: Baseball Stitches

It has become a popular little factoid among baseball fanatics that the standard baseball is made with exactly 108 precise stitches. However, what most fans don’t know is that you will need about 118 stitches if this ball were to hit you in the face traveling 100 miles per hour. Heads up! Er, down? Come back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight things that you never knew about MLB!

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