Mint: 7 Money-Saving Secrets You Didn’t Know



Mint is an up-and-coming financial app that has been intensely growing in popularity with young adults. And for good reason, too! This revolutionary budgeting app features all of the prime financial tools that every consumer needs to control their budget, and they have begun a technological trend in doing so. To find out all of the ways that Mint can help you with your spending, we have finally arrived with the details!

Number Seven: Multi-Device Magic

The app store’s availability on tablets as well as mobile phones has vastly increased convenience for many, and the Mint money manager is no exception. Thanks to these modern changes, your budget and savings can be monitored and changed from any device you choose.

Number Six: Reminding You of Responsibilities

One of the biggest perks of the Mint app is its system for notifications. Thanks to helpful alerts from the convenience of your phone or tablet screen, you will never have to miss a bill due date again. It will even alert you if any suspicious activity is detected on your account.

Number Five: Budget Experiments

Alerts are a cool feature, but they aren’t exactly a unique one. However, this app does offer one feature that you can’t find anywhere else: budget experiments. Using graphs and other tools, users may account for potential investments and spending to see how it would affect their overall budget. Thus, you will never have to second guess your financial decisions again.

Number Four: The Ultimate Security

When it comes to online financial management, identity security is of the highest importance. With Mint, customers can track their finances with the reassurance that all of their personal information is in good hands. The app is protected by password and is supported by both VeriSign and TRUSTe. In addition, they have received backing from RSA Security.

Number Three: The Free Credit Score

Within the various services of this app is a wide array of ways to take control over your credit score. Your score is presented to you whenever you would like for no charge at all, and there are a set of exclusive options to grow your credit knowledge and monitor your score.

Number Two: Investment Tracking

If you know your way around the stock market, this app can help you in that field as well. Users can view their investments simultaneously in a number of different accounts, including your 401k, mutual funds, brokerage account, dividends, and even IRAs. They also offer a hand in building your portfolio and teaching you about everything the stock market has to offer.

Number One: Save More With Mint

Considering this app is all about being smart with your money, you best believe they have a lot of tools and resources for learning how to maximize your savings. Their platform supplies users with access to customized information on how to save with credit cards, insurance, stocks, and even loans. We hope you enjoyed discovering the 7 cools ways that the Mint app can help your spending!

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