Minecraft: 107 Fascinating Facts Every Gamer Should Know (Part 8)




We filled you in with the first set of 63 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft in parts one through seven, and now we have finally returned with part eight! This computer-based digital fantasy world has been reaching record levels of popularity since its release in only 2011, and we are here to give you the full scoop on everything there is to know! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts nine through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 35 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

Number Forty-Four: Splash Potions and the Dead

If you want to attack a zombie or skeleton with a potion, avoid using the splash potion of harming. As mentioned in the previous article, this potion will actually heal the dead creatures. Conversely, the splash potion of healing will be most effective in causing damage to a zombie or skeleton.

Number Forty-Three: Bottom-Half Slab Protection

If you encounter an overwhelming case of spawning mobs, try luring them to a bottom-half slab. While on the bottom-half slabs, mobs cannot spawn.

Number Forty-Two: Cobblestone Protection

As hard as they may try, any efforts of ghasts to destroy cobblestone will be futile. Ghasts simply do not have the power to break down the protective forces of cobblestone.

Number Forty-One: Minecraft Sprinting

Going up a flight of stairs can be tedious in the game, but can be quickened with a simple technique. As if it wasn’t obvious, just sprint up the stairs. It still works.

Number Forty: The Alternate Name

When Minecraft was still in production, the creators were so close to the detrimental choice of naming it “Cave Game”. Luckily for them, they figured Minecraft was a lot more catchy.

Number Thirty-Nine: Utilizing the Pistons

If you need to move rails, there is a simple trick to this seemingly-impossible task. To move them, you simply need to use pistons or sticky pistons.

Number Thirty-Eight: Minecraft Lava Blocks

In the nether world, lava blocks have the ability to flow over a larger expanse of land. In the nether world, they will flow seven blocks; in the over-world, they will only flow over four blocks.

Number Thirty-Seven: Calming the Enderman

If you have angered the Enderman, it is pretty simple to calm him back down again. If he is touched by water, his temper will instantly cool down.

Number Thirty-Six: Peaceful Mode

Even while in peaceful mode, some creatures can transform into a threat. Wolves and iron golems are the only creatures known to do this, thankfully. Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts nine through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 35 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

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