Minecraft: 107 Fascinating Facts Every Gamer Should Know (Part 5)




We filled you in with the first set of 36 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft in parts one through four, and now we have finally returned with part five! This computer-based digital fantasy world has been reaching record levels of popularity since its release in only 2011, and we are here to give you the full scoop on everything there is to know! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts six through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 62 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

Number Seventy-One: Activating the Wooden Pressure Plates

Having trouble activating the wooden pressure plates? All you really need is an arrow and some fire. If fire is burning beneath the plate, an arrow will be successful in activating it.

Number Seventy: Killing a Fireball

As odd as it may seem, you can actually “kill” a fireball by landing a successful critical hit on the orb. It doesn’t exactly make sense, but this is possible because the game considers it a damageable entity.

Number Sixty-Nine: Riding Through Walls

While riding in the minecart, if the tracks lead through a wall, you can actually pass through the barrier. However, living dangerously comes with its risks. If you do choose to go through the wall, you may suffer suffocation damage.

Number Sixty-Eight: The Dangers of Tiny Magma Cubes

Tiny slimes won’t hurt your character when encountered, but tiny magma cubes aren’t so harmless. Even the baby versions of these guys can hurt your character.

Number Sixty-Seven: Hiding in a Minecart

As scary as it is, big slimes like to use minecarts to their advantage by hiding in them. If a big slime is occupying the cart, you will never know until you hit it with another minecart occupied by a player. Until this encounter, the cart will be invisible to you until it is too late.

Number Sixty-Six: Purrfect Sound Effects

The person responsible for the vast majority of the sound effects offered by the game is Daniel Rosenfield, otherwise known as player C418. Admittedly, he claims that many of them were created with the vocal talents of his cat.

Number Sixty-Five: Minecraft Light Source

If you are in need of a light source that won’t melt the surrounding ice or snow, natural light is the best option. If this isn’t available when necessary, the only other light source in the game that won’t melt these frozen elements is a redstone torch.

Number Sixty-Four: Downfalls of Sneaking

Sneaking can be a helpful tool at the right time, but keep in mind that it does come with its own unique consequences. For example, while sneaking, the range of reach distance for a character will be shorter.

Number Sixty-Three: Enderman’s Sound Effects

Although Enderman is known to have some odd and unsettling sound effects, they aren’t as difficult to create as you might originally think. These particular sounds are actually made by taking what were once greetings, like “hello” and “what’s up”, slowing down the sound, and distorting them. There you have it, Enderman is just a little misunderstood! Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts six through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 62 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

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