Minecraft: 107 Fascinating Facts Every Gamer Should Know (Part 3)




We filled you in with the first set of 18 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft in parts one and two, and now we have finally returned with part three! This computer-based digital fantasy world has been reaching record levels of popularity since its release in only 2011, and we are here to give you the full scoop on everything there is to know! Read on to discover our next set of nine facts! Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts four through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 80 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

Number Eighty-Nine: Watch Out for Cacti

If possible, try to avoid any encounters with a cactus in the game. When any item collides with these prickly plants, they will be destroyed.

Number Eighty-Eight: Caught in the Web

If you need to slow down a creeper’s attack, try luring him into a spider web. When these creatures are caught in the webs, their countdown timer will actually be slowed.

Number Eighty-Seven: Friendly Spiders

Although a spider may seem intimidating to come across, they are often friendly little beasts. As long as they are not angry, they will ignore you during the day or in a lit room.

Number Eighty-Six: Flaming Snacks

Does your player need a healthy boost of protein on his travels? All you have to do to get a snack is light a chicken or pig on fire. As they burn, they will drop their fully-cooked meat for you. Bacon has never been so simple!

Number Eighty-Five: Magma Cubes

If you are trying to knock down a magma cube, have fun with that troublesome feat. When attacked, they do not take full damage.

Number Eighty-Four: Skeleton Sabotage

If you are having trouble killing a skeleton, all you really need to do is stand beneath it. In your company, the skeleton will be so affected that he will just shoot himself to death. That’s the most effect form of psychological warfare we have ever seen!

Number Eighty-Three: The TNT Effect

When using TNT to your advantage, try to be wary of the surrounding objects. When the explosive is set off, the impact will destroy 70% of the surrounding items.

Number Eighty-Two: Chicken Hatching

You may have noticed that a single chicken egg hatches a random number of baby chicks each time it hatches. The rarest outcome for this is hatching four simultaneous chickens; the chances of this happening are about one in 256.

Number Eighty-One: Minecraft Pig Riding

One of the most hilarious activities to take part in with the game is pig riding. Players can hop on a pig, and even equip them with a saddle. If you have done both of these things, you can have your little buddy hop into a minecart and drive it like a car! Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts four through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 80 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

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