Minecraft: 107 Fascinating Facts Every Gamer Should Know (Part 12)




We filled you in with the first set of 99 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft in parts one through 11, and now we have finally returned with our final part 12 article! This computer-based digital fantasy world has been reaching record levels of popularity since its release in only 2011, and we are here to give you the full scoop on everything there is to know! Read on to discover our final set of the top eight most fascinating facts of all that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

Number Eight: Fishing Tips

When fishing, try to aim for areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Without direct access to the rays of the sun, it becomes harder to catch fish.

Number Seven: Obtaining Melons

When trying to collect melons in survival, you will never find them in the wild. The only source for obtaining melons is to obtain them from native villagers.

Number Six: Village Spawning

When using a default world, you encounter a problematic consequence if you are in need of villagers. In this world, only four villagers may spawn at a time.

Number Five: The Pig Saddle

One of the most unique activities available in Minecraft is riding a pig. However, accomplishing this is actually a lot more difficult that it seems. A pig saddle cannot be crafted by a player, so you will have to go out and find one. Good luck!

Number Four: Cave Spiders

If battling cave spiders is your aim in the game, they can’t be found in just any old cave. Oddly enough, these creatures will only be found in old, abandoned mine shafts.

Number Three: Find a Minecart

While you are down there killing cave spiders, you may want to try your luck at finding a minecart. In these abandoned mine shafts is the best possible location for obtaining the carts.

Number Two: Minecraft Code

When it comes to video gaming, using code isn’t always the most beneficial way to go about winning the game. One downside of using code in the game is that the only mob spawner that will be available to you is a pig spawner. Which, I mean, is great if you need pigs and all.

Number One: Little Digital Denmark

Possibly the greatest feat of the game, the entire nation of Denmark was recreated within the realm of Minecraft. It has all of the most important features, down to the proudly flying flag. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of 107 things every gamer should know about Minecraft!

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