Minecraft: 107 Fascinating Facts Every Gamer Should Know (Part 1)




Minecraft has become one of the most addicting guilty pleasures of computer-based gamers, and we are here to give you the full scoop on all of the fascinating tidbits of information that every gamer should know! Despite its primal, blocky graphics, this computer game has been enticing all age groups plagued with boredom since its release in 2011. What makes this game so special? That’s exactly what we are here to reveal! Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts two through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 98 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

Number One Hundred Seven: Bow Strength

When it comes to choosing a weapon, you should always consider the strengths of the weapon for the task at hand. While using a bow, specifically at full power, players can destroy an entire boat or minecart.

Number One Hundred Six: Got Milk?

Just like in real life, drinking a glass of milk in the game can have some amazing benefits. By consuming this beverage, the effects of poisons will be counteracted. Wish it had that effect in real life!

Number One Hundred Five: Soul Sand Tricks

The dedicated players of Minecraft are determined to discover every tip and trick of the game, and we have got another one for you. If you haven’t already discovered this, placing soul sand on top of water will cause your character to walk slower than if they were to walk on either of these elements alone.

Number One Hundred Four: Flaming Arrows

Ever wanted to shoot a wicked-cool flaming arrow from you bow? Turns out you can! Shoot your arrow straight through lava, and they can cause fire damage.

Number One Hundred Three: Sleepy Hollow Tricks

We have all had to deal with the frustrations of Enderman’s bad side after sending a glance his way, but there is actually a way to avoid his angry violence. All you have to do is place a pumpkin over your head Sleepy Hollow-style, and you can look at him all you want!

Number One Hundred Two: Dragon Eggs

Need a dragon egg? Once you find one, it’s really easy to add to your collection. Push it with a piston or drop it on top of a torch, and it’s yours.

Number One Hundred One: Removing Obstacles in Minecraft

If you need to get rid of a pesky lava pit or body of water in your path, there is actually a simple method to removing it. All you have to do is blow up the area with TNT, and your path is clear!

Number One Hundred: Mushroom Soup

If your player might be in need of a little nourishment, just right-click a wild mushroom with a bowl in hand. By doing this, you have made instant mushroom soup!

Number Ninety-Nine: Damage Control

In the midst of an avalanche, players can place a torch under falling sand and gravel. When this is done, the sand and gravel will break as it falls, and even kind of pop. Stay tuned for our coming articles, parts two through 12, where we reveal the remaining top 98 fascinating facts that every gamer should know about Minecraft!

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