Mila Kunis: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Giuseppe Cristiano
Giuseppe Cristiano

Mila Kunis is a famous American actress born in August of 1983. There’s a lot of things you may not know about her, such as the fact that she was born in the Ukraine and moved to America after her parents won on a lottery ticket. Here are some other facts you don’t know about the star.

Number Fifteen: She Has Two Different Eye Colors

Everyone knows that Mila has a unique and extraordinary look. Have you ever noticed that one eye is blue and the other is green?

Number Fourteen: Struggling to Be American

After her parents won all that money when Mila was 7, they decided to move to Los Angeles, where they enrolled her in acting lessons. She couldn’t speak English for a while and didn’t have the easiest time fitting in at first.

Number Thirteen: She Owes a Lot to Bob Barker

She eventually mastered the English language a few years after being here in the states. Apparently this is largely thanks to watching The Price is Right.

Number Twelve: Mila Kunis Met Chuck Norris

The actress had a guest role onĀ Walker, Texas Ranger as a young teen. She met Chuck Norris and he taught her how to throw a punch.

Number Eleven: She Worked Odd Jobs

Although she later got discovered on That ’70s Show and continued onward into fame, she used to work part-time jobs in addition to acting. This includes Rite-Aid, which her mom used to pick her up for after she acted on the TV show’s set.

Number Ten: She Grew Up with the Cast of ‘That ’70s Show’

Since she got into the acting world so early, her truest friends were the people she spent all of those formative years with. The actor who plays Fez on the show taught her how to drive her first car, and Hyde’s character bought her her very first drink.

Number Nine: She Likes World of Warcraft

A lot of people know how addictive this game is. There are even rehab centers in America to help people suffering from World of Warcraft addiction. Apparently Mila was not immune to the W.O.W effect and got so addicted she had to delete it from her computer. We hope you enjoyed the first part of our list of facts about the star. Come back soon for part two!

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