Mid-century stunner in Vancouver Canada



image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

Did I ever tell you that I lived in Vancouver, Canada for 4 years? Well it’s true – I did my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia – and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Even back in the 1990’s I was a budding house-peeper and I spent endless hours wandering around the city gawking at the amazing west coast architecture (which encompasses an eclectic mix of thatched roofed bungalows, century old character homes, and Asian-inspired new-builds).

Occasionally, I get sentimental and go on-line house-hunting in and around Vancouver.

Recently I found this dazzling 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home for sale in West Vancouver for $2,690,000…

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

If you live in BC then you know that “West Van” means $$$.

So $2.6 million is a bargain price in that area – especially for a 4,500 square foot home on a large corner lot.

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

 immaculate contemporary residence substantially reno’d in the mid-90s

– about the same time that I lived in Vancouver!

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

But this a is a true mid-century house – built in 1958 with the tell-tale period architecture of long horizontal roof lines, expansive floor to ceiling windows and clerestory windows to let in views of nature.

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

Some of the delights of this home include a home gym, outdoor pool, massive rooms and a location just blocks from West Bay [the ocean!].

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

This house is going to make some rich person very happy. For the rest of us… thank God for the Internet!

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

It is a great house but equally tantalizing are the outdoor spaces…

image from: http://www.realestatevalley.ca/

I sure miss those fragrant evergreens dripping with moisture!

[You might be wondering how House Crazy Sarah managed to afford a university education at one of the finest post-secondary schools in Canada – in the most EXPENSIVE city in Canada – well… let’s just say she is still paying off her student loans, in fact, her children will probably inherit her student loans.]  🙁

For more information on this stunning remodeled mid-century home in Vancouver, see here.

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