Mid-century modern in living color



image from: http://www.michaelamcnamara.com
image from: http://www.michaelamcnamara.com

If you have kindergarten nostalgia, or are otherwise easily entertained by primary colors, I have another “happy house” for you!

This one is a 1951 mid-century rancher in Los Angeles, California.
Lots of white on the outside, but nothing but pure color bliss on the inside.

This 2,694 square foot home is listed for sale at $1,699,000 – that’s $631 per square foot! But every one of those square feet is hue-licious.
From the listing blurb:
The walls inside and out are a cavalcade of red, green, blue, yellow and orange  and it works! Renovated by Norman Millar, AIA whose architecture is sun-filled  and playful. The indoor-outdoor feeling has been maximized by Mother Magnolia  Designs.
My favorite part of the house is the kitchen:
Isn’t it fabulous? It reminds me of my daughter’s preschool room!
This glam rainbow bright home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms…
The bedrooms tend to be a little blue…
Perhaps an intended respite from the boisterous color in the rest of the house?
Outside there is a super lush terraced yard…
colorful mid-century modern
colorful mid-century modern

And for good measure, the property features a “NCAA regulation 3-point basketball court” with some bright green paint, of course:

colorful mid-century modern

I feel giddy now.

[All photographs are from: Photography and Website design Michael McNamara, Shooting LA – Los Angeles real estate photography and marketing]



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